Multilevel racking construction R30

Multilevel racking construction R30

Multilevel racking construction differ significantly from drive-in and front racking. This is a rather complex construction, designed for accounting, storage and processing of small amounts of goods. They are standard metal warehouse racks interconnected by horizontal beams. Between the racks there is decking along which the staff moves. Access to the upper tiers is provided by stairs with railings. Each separate shelf can be designed to store a separate type of goods. For safety reasons, all upper tiers must be provided with a fence.

Small amounts of transported goods do not require the use of special warehouse equipment. Goods are raised and lowered manually.


The main elements of multilevel racking construction

1 – Front rack (long-span)

2 - External transverse beam

3 - Decking

4 - Staircase

5 - Fencing

6 – Gate


You can find more detailed information about the design and load capacity in the product data sheet.

Multilevel racking construction help to reach optimal usage of storage space. They can be built up to 5 floors. Each of the tiers can be not only a place for storing goods, but also a workplace for picking orders, which significantly speeds up shipment and simplifies the work of personnel.

Multilevel racking construction manufactured by the “Micron” pilot plant is suitable for all enterprises that need to store and complete small batches of goods. To order metal warehouse racking, call the number from the website or fill out the feedback form. Our staff will contact you and help clarify the configuration of your racking system and the price of the order.

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