Nickel-based metal powder

Production of nickel-based metal powder 

Pilot plant "Micron" is one of the leaders in the production of high-quality metal powders from stainless steels for industrial 3D printing.

The technology and equipment of the plant ensure the production of ultra-pure spherical metal powders with high bulk density from stainless steels and austenitic nickel-chromium heat-resistant, titanium and aluminum alloys.

The main industries in which Micron’s powders are used:

• Aircraft industry;

• Cosmonautics;

• Nuclear power;

• Shipbuilding.

Production of nickel-based metal powder 

EP-648 - Tec.con. 24.45.21-016-41587750-2022   
Inconel 718  - Tec.con. 24.45.21-016-41587750-2022   
Inconel 625  - Tec.con. 24.45.21-016-41587750-2022   

If you did not find the required metal powder type in the table, the technologists of “Pilot Plant “Micron” will carry out the necessary experiments and work out the issue of producing the required metal powder type..

Characteristics of metal powder produced by “Micron” Pilot Plant.

Number of spherical particles (lmax/lmin from 1.0 to 1.2) - Not less then  90 %
Oversize particles - Not less then  5%
Undersize particles - Not less then  10% 
Metal-powder bulk density  - Not less then  55 % of the density of the source material
Humidity of the metal powder - Not less then  0,1 % 
Protective packaging environment - Argon

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