Technical certification according to GOST
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Technical inspection according to GOST

According to GOST R 55525-2017 full Technical inspection and testing of storage racks shall be performed at least once a year. During this procedure, specialists analyze the technical condition of the racks, which helps to identify damage and defects in the structures, prevent collapse and ensure compliance with labor safety rules and the safety of warehouse personnel.

Specialists of Mikron plant provide services for technical certification in accordance with GOST R 55525-2017, having official accreditation for this purpose.

Technical inspection includes:


Inspection and analysis of the technical condition of structures


Measurement of deviations of racking system elements from the standard


Detection of mechanical damage to the structure and inspection of welded joints


Tightening control of bolt connections and anchors


Tightening control of bolt connections and anchors

Technical inspection of racks

Based on the results of the inspection, the service department of the plant issues a report, which reflects the results of the examination, a list of defects and further recommendations for operation and issues a protocol of the technical inspection.

Regularly carrying out this procedure will allow you to repair the racking equipment in a timely manner, preventing collapse, thereby ensuring the safety of stored goods and safe working conditions.