Our goal is quality at the level of world standards


AO “Pilot plant “Micron” is a leading manufacturer of retail shelving, warehouse racking and retail store supplies. Our production demonstrates the high level of quality provided with the accurate organization of manufacture, high qualification of the personnel and the developed infrastructure.

The policy of the organization stated that "The main direction of our development is the further improvement of quality and competitiveness of our products, the technical development of production and the strengthening of our positions on the market."

Our philosophy is the following: "We are constantly developing, working as a team, on the basis of mutual respect", which is the highest achievement of our organization.

Since 2005, Quality Management System (QMS), which meets the requirements of the international ISO 9001 standard, and the Micron Production System (MPS) as part of lean manufacturing are a basis of the fulfillment of all our tasks.

PSM principles

"Right on time."

The "just-in-time" principle means that during the production process, the parts needed for painting and packaging are available at that location exactly when they are needed and in exactly the right quantity

The principle: "Only good parts come out of the machine.

PSM principles

"Only good parts come out of the machine."

The second principle is important because it would be less of a loss for the flow to stop the machine when a defect occurs and solve it quickly than to accumulate defective parts and waste time fixing, moving, and storing them.

The principle: "Right on time

The certificate is given by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH as a result of its audit and needs confirmation by regular surveillance audits. Reports on the results of the external review of our QMS confirm that the system is mature and constantly evolving in accordance with ISO 9001.

Application of Micron Production System

QMS and MPS is an integrated, dynamic and unique Management System. This is not a one-time activity, but an ongoing process of continuous improvement using the intellectual potential of our employees.

Micron's management system is quality oriented, it encourages employees aimed at achieving high results in reducing losses, managing problems and inconsistencies, increasing the capabilities of all organizational processes. Our employees are guided in their work by fundamental values and principles: customer focus, built-in quality and building a high corporate culture.

The continuous striving for leading positions, the use of modern management tools and the use of international best practices guarantee our business partners the high quality of our products in accordance with the values and principles of Miсron.