The creative process of translating any idea into metal

Projecting and manufacturing

The dynamic nature of the racking market requires the development of completely new design solutions for the efficient organization of space, no matter whether it is a supermarket or a distribution center. Any idea or customer request is translated into the language of design and implemented in the new developments of Mikron design engineers. Designing includes the following stages: conceptual modeling, technical design and coordination with the customer. Translated with (free version)

All "Micron" design solutions are based on the use of modern high-quality materials and high-tech equipment of the best foreign manufacturers. The plant design engineers have at their disposal modern software and an experimental area where new developments of racking systems are tested. Due to the fact that the development of racking design with the necessary configuration is created anew, rather than from existing templates, the customer receives unique equipment that best meets his needs. Translated with (free version)