One of the largest Russian manufacturers of racks for modern trade, distribution centers and various types of warehouses

Mikron Experimental Plant

“Micron” Pilot Plant Nowadays

Today “Micron” is a dynamically developing enterprise, rapidly increasing the production of racks; the plant occupies a leading position in its industry. The total production area is more than 40,000 sq.m.
Due to our vast experience in production, installation and operation of shelving, we offer our customers only the best and the most modern solutions for the formation of shelving space.
Micron’s racks are successfully used by leading retailers for the sale, warehousing and storage of food and non-food products. Due to its practicality and versatility our shelving systems can meet the needs of the client for organizing space of any size and type: distribution center, hypermarket, DIY, Cash&Carry, supermarket, discounter. It is enabled by a wide (more than 5,000 items) range of accessories for any product groups and a variety of configuration options for standard parts.

Dealers of our company

An extensive dealer network of “Micron” deals with all regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. We strive to cooperate with each client on the principles of maximum convenience, mutual benefit and business partnership. Balance of interests is a key concept of our cooperation with our partners.

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Mikron pilot plant
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Our Services

Mikron's main goal is continuous development, and its main aid in improving its work has been the Mikron Production System (MPS), which is based on respect for people and continuous improvement of efficiency by eliminating losses at every stage of production.
The system, borrowed in 2004 from the vast experience of the automotive industry leader Toyota, was adapted to the conditions of Mikron production with the application of the tools known in Lean Manufacturing: 5S, improvement suggestion system, Kanban, single item flow, etc. has yielded tremendous results.