Modern high-performance equipment is one of the key factors for the successful development of an enterprise, regardless of its size and specialization.

Production stages

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Creation and approval of the project

At this stage, the selection of equipment is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the customer and the plan of еру trading or warehouse facility we need to equip. An After that, a model of the future project is designed. Types, quantity of racks and the overall cost of the project are discussed with the customer. Order production begins.

Preparation and production of metal parts

We use a modern laser cutting system, a coordinate punching system, die-cutting presses and bending machines for manufacturing metal parts, depending on the technological process. Racks, rear walls, shelves, beams are produced on automatic roll forming lines. During welding semi-automatic welding machines and robotic systems are used.


All elements of shelving systems are covered with epoxy-polyester powder coating with pre-treatment of profiles with alkali and phosphating. Products can be supplied in any color from the RAL catalog.


Shelving and racking parts are packed in film and corrugated cardboard, placed on euro pallets and wrapped in stretch film, which ensures the safety of the product during transportation over any distance.

For the production of racks, both structural and high-strength steel are used, depending on the required load. For the manufacture of dies and tooling, our plant has its own tool production, which minimizes equipment downtime and the time of introduction of new types of products. All products are force tested to verify the theoretical calculations of design engineers. In addition, periodic tests of racks are carried out.

Products are painted on Ideal painting lines (Italy). Modern technologies for painting metal racks provide a high-quality and durable decorative and protective coating. Powder paint is a self-extinguishing and hardly flammable material, resistant to abrasion. Therefore, Micron racks are safe equipment with a wear-resistant and anti-corrosion surface.

Our benefits

We have an individual approach to each client and solve any task quickly using modern production and management technologies. Micron's clients include both famous leading retail companies and large manufacturing enterprises, logistics and warehouse operators.


  • Lean Manufacturing management system
  • Quality management system ISO 9001-2015
  • Widely developed dealer network


  • Short production time (from 7 days)
  • Modern automated rolling and painting lines with quick changeover.


  • Wide range of products
  • Usage of high strength steels
  • High load characteristics
  • Painting products longer than 12 meters